UIC Committee

Dear Muslim community members, Alhamdulillah, for our small size community, UIC is a vibrant Masjid which hosts many activities, and with the completion of the New Masjid, the near future, in sha Allah, we will have even more activities.

14 committees have been formed to help accomplish the vision of UIC. Community members are encouraged to sign up for any committee that is of interest to them. Some committees require a certain skill set, but most require a passion to serve Islam and Muslims and a time commitment. Membership to a committee is for 2 years (beginning Jan. 1st, 2020) and each committee will choose it’s own committee leader, with the exception of a few.

Please email Br. Junaid (Volunteer coordinator), with your interest to serve and on which committees, in order of preference.

Education Committee

Education Committee is responsible to over-see Sunday School and our future full time preschool program at the New Masjid.
Sr. Wan will be heading this committee

Children’s Affairs Committee

To organize events for children age 5 to 12, to help lay the foundations of becoming strong Muslims, such as weekly story time.
Sr. Aamina


To develop programs for our youth that help them become strong Muslims.
Br. Junaid is head of this committee

Civic Engagement

This committee will encourage Muslim to be civically engaged (such as voting) and to work with governmental and non-governmental organizations, that help Muslims to give back to society such as volunteering opportunities. 
Dr. Amir Arain is head of this committee

Security Team

Responsible for the safety and security of all the people who come to our Masjid and for any event on site or off site.
Br. Ahmed Salah is head of the security Team

Inter-faith and Community Out-Reach

This committee is responsible for reaching out to Non-Muslims to help educate them about Islam through activities such as Meet the Muslims, speak to School children that visit us on field trips and to organize inter-faith activities with other places of worship. This committee is also responsible to organize the Open-House programs, once the construction of the New Mosque is completed. We are expecting upwards of 10,000 non-Muslims to visit the New Mosque, once we open our doors in the spring of 2020.
Sr. Maysa is head of this this committee.

Building Maintenance Committee

This committee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Mosque. This committee will also be responsible to maintain the store and for renting the Multi-purpose hall (as a Banquet hall), in our New Mosque. This committee is also responsible for the A/V equipment.
Br. Abdul Sattar is head of this committee

Communications & Social Media

To communicate UIC programs  and activities via text and email and to enhance our presence on Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This committee is also responsible for keeping our Website and our You Tube channel updated.
Br. Ahsan Naim is responsible for this Committee.
Imran Mohammed is head of making sure the social media presence is impactful. He is in charge of all social media accounts including: email, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Alhumdulillah we upload regularly on all 3 major platforms:
Please do subscribe to whatever platform is most convenient for you. Any feedback regarding these uploads is greatly appreciated.

Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee is responsible to amicably resolve any disputes that might arise between community members on UIC premises.
This committee has 3 members (Shaykh Abbas, 

Zakat Committee

To review, process and distribute money to  the applicants who apply for funds, in their time of need.
This committee has 3 members (

Ramadan Affairs Committee

All Ramadan related activities, such as Daily hosting of Iftar, Khat-Me Quran and organizing the annual community Iftar.

Social Affairs Committee

Arranging the monthly Pot-luck and the annual Eid Festival.

Special Events Committee

Arranging the annual Seerat-un-Nabi program and Fund raising Dinners and other annual events. 
PLEASE NOTE the Social Affairs and the Special Events committee will work closely together.

Burial Committee

About UIC

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