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The current UIC facility is quickly running out of space for the growing Muslim community in the southern Salt Lake County and northern Utah County.  The current facility can handle up to 200 members, however during Ramadan the count consistently goes above 300.  As a result, an initiative was taken last year to buy land and subsequently build a larger facility to accommodate the needs of the community.  The project is planned for completion in four phases.

Phase 1: Land Acquisition (Complete)

UIC purchased two land parcels in fall of 2014 relying on the immense enthusiasm and generosity of the members.  The lots are located at 984 West and 988 West on 9000 South in West Jordan. 


New Mosque Site

Phase 2: Pre Construction Planning

In the second phase, community is focused on gathering requirements and expectations from the facility.  Once the community input is received, design and architectural plans will be drawn and estimates for construction costs will be derived.  This will allow setting goals for fundraising required to break ground.  Fund raising for construction will start in Ramadan in June 2015 during this phase as well.  Based on the discussion among the community, the following plan is being reviewed for now.

UIC-000-Overall Site Plan


UIC-004-Front Elevation


Phase 3: Construction Phase 1

In this phase, the goal is to construct a basic structure that will allow for maximum space utilization and provide a sufficient alternative for the current site for prayers and congregation.  This phase will result in having at least one floor available for use along with basic necessities like area for wudu and kitchen etc.


Phase 4: Construction Phase 2

In this final phase, construction and finishing of other floors will happen.  Also, in this phase the community may invest in the decoration and beautification of the facility.